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Growers Management System™

Improving the sustainability of our growers involves the collection and analysis of a substantial amount of data. To meet this challenge, in 2011, Alliance One began development of its award-winning, in-house grower data management tool, Growers Management System™ (GMS).



Alliance One Field Technicians are equipped with a mobile device running GMS. GMS aids Alliance One and our global staff of more than 1,000 Field Technicians with establishing a profile for each contracted grower. This profile starts with establishing the GPS position of the grower and supports the capture of more than 400 data points. These data points include information related to farm assets (including barns), natural resource management, reforestation, farm labor health and safety, crop management, grower sustainability, and training on good agricultural labor practices. GMS allows AOI to instantly see where the greatest compliance risks are and develop a solution. GMS is a critical component of our Total Product Integrity Program.

GMS is an Occasionally Connected App that allows the field staff to collect data and send to the central server when a connection is available. This is critical when supporting growers in remote locations.

We are proud to have a system that improves the support we can provide to growers, enabling them to grow higher yielding, higher quality crops in a manner that is compliant with Good Agricultural Practices and our Agricultural Labor Practices (ALP) program. In the end, GMS will improve sustainability for growers, their families and the communities where they live.

If you are interested in learning more about GMS, please contact us.