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Total Product Integrity (TPI) is a high priority at Alliance One. We conduct internal testing of fresh, green and packed tobacco, as well as non-tobacco materials.  This underpins mapping areas of our supply chain that are inherently low-risk or areas that require remedial action.

Traceability is integral to this process. Through the use of several proprietary technology tools, including our award-winning Grower’s Management System (GMS)™ and Alert™, we have the ability to trace to source. This helps us pinpoint and address the issue.  The results of TPI are often shared with growers via an extensive network of field staff to assist in the extension and education process.

Combined with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), TPI raises awareness amongst our growers that testing for our customer base starts even before farm gate.  To the best of our ability, we eliminate tobacco that is not compliant with our requirements early in the supply chain.